Fairfirst is the amalgamated entity of Union Assurance General and the former Asian Alliance General Insurance. Fairfirst is backed by Fairfax, one of the largest general insurance groups in the world specializing in insurance, reinsurance, and investment management.
As a leading insurance company in Sri Lanka, FairFirst serves individuals, businesses and institutions across the island. They have a versatile workforce of 1400 agents spread across a network of 54 service centers.

In the current day an age, almost 75% of internet users depend on quick online solutions for their issues as noticeable in many industries like retail, banking and insurance. FairFirst having set a benchmark in providing consistently good customer service wanted a channel to engage with customers 24×7 and serve digitally on demand. Majority of the queries being a standard set of FAQs’ FairFirst entrusted SimpleWorks Business Solutions to implement an AI-based Chatbot solution to extended support services via a virtual agent who is available 24×7 and is ready to take on key customers queries related to Payments status checks, document submissions, FAQ’s and many more.



Fairfirst’s key objective was to give quick claims support and customer service around the clock, either it be giving real time updates on claims, Policy details or help customers submitting claims related documents without visiting branches, hence Fairfirst wanted to address the challenges listed below by leveraging the virtual agent solution.

Some of the main challenges faced by the Support Team and Management –
Handling diverse Customer Queries within a single conversation.
Handling repetitive responses to typical FAQ’s.
Increase in call % to call center (40% of the calls received are for Payment delay status).
Improve consistency in Service Delivery with fragmented customer support.
Increased customer branch visits for document submissions.
Increased call waiting time.
Increased human errors in the processing of claim documentation.
Increased turnaround time of call center staff.
Moreover, humans limited to the physical potencies implied that a single employee can handle only one customer at a time unlike machine.


Simpleworks approached FairFirst with their AI based Chatbot solution, to address the challenges and seamlessly transition some of its key help desk operations to a more cost-effective digital customer care solution. Fairfirst went live with the Chatbot solution and making it available to its customers via the Corporate website in July 2018. Some of its main capabilities being

Seamless Integration with core insurance platform – SimpleWorks Chatbot was integrated with third-party systems like ICAS, MPV, and Core Systems which helped to execute the customer queries precisely. Customers were able to obtain the following services via the chatbot
Handle payment status inquiries with real-time responses.
Ability to upload accident related documents on the go.
Fetch real-time details regarding pending accidents.
Obtain repair approvals and No-objection letters.
Handle Claim rejections appeal provide claims information based on the date of accident & vehicle registration number.

Automated Customer Validation – Customers get validated by the chatbot bot Realtime via OTP mechanism prior to sharing any Account related information, making It one of the secured channels to access readily available information.

Trilingual Customer Service – SimpleWorks deployed NLP-enabled Chatbot capable of understanding customer context and was launched in three languages – Sinhala, Tamil and English for the FairFirst customers spread island wide.

Chatbot for Service Personal – The chatbot was later extended to be used by internal service personnel who can simply access account-related information at branches.

Call to action buttons allowed customers to raise complaints or service requests regarding claims policies from the chatbot itself. AES 256 encryption ensured customers’ data privacy and security.

Live chat-agent handover capability – The chatbot was also geared with an Agent handover tool, whereby customers who wish to talk to a human agent can opt to do so and continue the conversation with the agent operating the Agent handover console for Farifirst.

As per the statement made by Fairfirst Insurance officials, Simple AI-powered chatbot empowered customers with real-time updates available at their fingertips. Noteworthily, officials were also impressed by the cognitive ability of the chatbot to continuously improve customer service through analytics and data collection.