Karvy DigiKonnect is a subsidiary of Karvy group; Karvy group is a premier financial services provider, ranked among the top 5 across its business segments. Established in 2015 Karvy DigiKonnect has emerged as a leading provider of contact centre services in the highly competitive domestic BPO space. Karvy is a company with 24 delivery centres in 14 locations across India. Karvy serves 60+ clients in over 14 languages. Its services bouquet includes Customer Management Services and Industry Specific Solution for various Fortune 500 companies across industry verticals such as Banking & Financial Services, Retail & Ecommerce, Hospitality, Telecom, Emerging Markets and Government.
Karvy on-boarded one of the largest public sector banks (PSB) in India to cater customer management services via a Call-Centre setup at multiple locations to manage various leads generation, ticket management related activities for the bank.
Karvy signed an agreement with SimpleCRM to provide a one-stop solution to manage end-to-end operation for customer and leads management for the bank. Aim of the organisation was to setup a scalable, cost effective & user friendly CRM system which will help the organisation and the bank in managing lead generation via inbound and outbound calls, centralised ticket management from different locations, faster resolution time, and overall growth of customer experience for the customers and prospects associated with the bank.

Karvy DigiKonnect


Lead & Customer management – Bank was unable to gather leads information in a centralised location and conduct regular follow-ups for the interested prospects. Bank was also not able to allocate leads to various teams situated in various locations. Outbound and Inbound calls were not been serviced accurately due to lack of information and scattered data in various systems. It became evident that there was need to centralise the data and accessibility to various advisors spread across locations real time. This would help the bank in growing business revenue by attending to each interested prospect and systematic division of data across the organisation teams.

Out-bound campaign management – Bank required a centralised system to run outbound campaigns with the help of the call centre team. There was need to get customer data flowing into CRM system and scheduling campaigns related to outbound calling linked to various advisors for upselling of products, schemes, offers associated with the bank.

Ticketing system via Telephony system – Bank was unable to organise tickets raised by the existing customers in a centralised format and route to appropriate teams inside the bank. FTR SMS system was also a prominent issue for the bank in terms of notifications to the customers. Due to scattered data, tickets assignment, resolution time, feedback capture, tickets synchronization across systems were some of the major concerns for the bank. Due to lack of centralised knowledge base, agents were unable to provide basic query resolutions related to standard FAQ’s. Various customer related activities like Internet & Mobile banking issues, Core banking data of the customer, Card hot-listing requests, and First-time-resolution alerts were not achieved.

Reports – For the bank to manage multiple locations and multiple teams across branches, zonal & regional offices and the contact centre, it required a robust reporting engine which could spill out various types of reports like data reports, graphical reports, matrix reports, escalation reports for the managers and management team. There was a need to have real time reports coming out of the CRM system to manage high level discrepancies and concerns in the bank processes. There was a need to integrate with various banking systems via secure line for generating such reports in the CRM system.


Lead & Customer management – With the help of SimpleCRM Lead and customer management system, the bank was able to keep the data at a centralised location and get a 360-degree view of the lead or the customer. With the help of SimpleCRM extensive routing engine, the leads were distributed to various team on real time basis for necessary action for improved conversion rate. The bank is now able to provide upselling opportunities to the advisors on inbound and outbound calling mode. Lead and customer data are now available to managers to equip them with better escalation handling and resolution time. It also gives the bank greater growth in terms of business revenue and increasing customer market share.

Campaign Management – SimpleCRM is able to provide a comprehensive campaigns module, which allows the bank to create, schedule, action any campaign at any given time. Also, with the help of Telephony & CBS integration, the customer data is transferred to the AVAYA, for advisors to conduct outbound campaign calls.

Ticket Management – With the help of a customisable and configurable SimpleCRM ticketing system, the bank is able to conduct the following activities with greater precision:
Provide a centralised unique code-based ticket data system for better and improved management for Queries, Complaints and Service requests. It also helps in routing the tickets to the appropriate teams in branches, zonal & regional offices for faster resolution time and compliance with RBI guidelines. With the help of SimpleCRM advanced escalations matrix, able to setup escalation levels, TAT, SLA and hierarchy for quick response and ticket credibility. With the help of SimpleCRM knowledge base repository module, advisors were able to reduce AHT and response time for FAQ’s and product related general queries. Overall tracking from ticket creation to ticket closure is mapped in the CRM system.
Integration with Core banking system allowed the advisors to get real time data from the backend system to resolve customer issues related to balance enquiry, transactions, accounts etc. Also, by using the ISO 8583 Protocol, the transfer of data from the CBS system remains encrypted and secure. This also helps in ticket synchronisation with other 3rd party applications.
Integration with telephony system helps the bank to run Inbound and outbound call centres across multiple locations and run tele-campaigns by providing customer contact data. This integration also allows the advisors to up-sell and cross-sell various products, offers, and services to the customer. Also, via this system integration, features like call-backs are also scheduled by the advisors for specific requests.
Integration with ATM switch, Card hotlisting application and Internet and Mobile banking applications, advisors are able to real time close queries related to ATM, blocking and issue of new cards, Password reset and other online banking related activities.

Reports Management – SimpleCRM advanced reporting engine helped the bank in gathering below mentioned targets:
Reports related to Ticket status, Ticket allocation, Tickets synchronisation with 3rd party system and Tickets processing (SLA violation, TAT). This helped the bank is improving the overall tickets handling across various teams.
Reports related to Campaigns run on a quarterly basis, Leads generated over a time period, Leads follow-up over a specific timeframe, Leads allocation between teams etc. This ensured that regular tracking of each lead was possible by the bank managers and conversion rate was enhanced.
Reports related to Calls (Inbound and Outbound) like Calls attended, Calls abandoned, Calls Missed, helped the bank to analyse the performance of the call centre at each location and work towards improvements. This also helped the bank to reduce the CAR for each call centre and provide enhanced customer experience.