Ceylinco Life Insurance is Sri Lanka’s leader in life insurance space. Delivering innovative products and services since 25 years, Ceylinco has consistently reinforced trust and reputation amongst the people island wide.

In order to better serve the needs of their policy holders, Ceylinco Life wanted to have a system to consolidate business information in a single ‘customer golden copy’, deliver superior customer service through an advanced ticketing system, run digital marketing campaigns, as well as empower their sales agents with lead-to-quote mobile apps.

Ceylinco Life Insurance


Lack of clarity on leads generated through various sources like exhibitions, campaigns, emails, SMS, social media etc. No consistent way to reliably follow up on the generated leads, resulting in losing potential leads through cracks.

No proper system to keep track of their marketing campaigns, nor have accurate metrics of the campaign effectiveness.

Less business visibility for the management that depended on inconsistent reports in disparate formats from sales, marketing, and customer experience teams.

With disconnected service channels and data scattered in different systems, it was getting increasingly difficult to provide consistent, personalized service.


Customer Data Consolidation – SimpleCRM team implemented a comprehensive, on-premise CRM solution tailored to Ceylinco Life’s business objectives. SimpleCRM unified customer information in a single Customer360 dashboard and also integrated most of the existing core applications to keep data up to date. This led to improved team collaboration, transparency in business, effective customer communication and empowered sales teams with relevant, real-time information.

Multi-Channel Lead Management – The entire lead lifecycle from initial engagement, lead nurturing, lead scoring to sales conversion and sales handoff, was brought within the purview of the SimpleCRM system. This is helping facilitate increasing the quality and quantity of leads and higher lead-to-policy conversions. Field Sales Mobile App is helping agents to quickly assess sales quota and status, manage opportunities, set up meetings, avail marketing collateral etc. In addition, SimpleCRM solution rationalized digital engagement with prospects through, SMSes, emails, outbound calls and social listening.

Multi-Channel Support Centre System – SimpleCRM’s Multi-channel Help Desk solution allowed Ceylinco Life to service customers over all possible channels, such as self-service portals, chatbots, emails, and social listening, through a single, unified interface. This was made possible by the Customer360 module and a built-in BPM module that was leveraged to configure 400+ insurance-specific business processes and workflows.

Campaign Management – Campaign management module helped Ceylinco Life streamline its digital marketing processes by facilitating a controlled process to develop, execute, monitor and manage campaigns across multiple channels.
The leads generated through these campaigns were automatically captured in a central lead buffer, making it easy for administrators to farm out the leads to sales agents. It also gave the team more visibility into best-performing marketing channels by showing the Campaign ROI.

Integrating with Existing Systems – SimpleCRM was seamlessly integrated with Ceylinco Life’s core insurance platform, call center system and 26 other applications to provide a true unified customer view.