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eKYC & Digital Customer On-Boarding


What Is eKYC?

eKYC is Know Your Customer (KYC) process executed electronically for existing customers or while on-boarding new customers. Unlike paper forms, eKYC is a modern, time-saving and cost-effective process that is being increasingly adopted by  organizations in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sectors for streamlining customer onboarding journey. SimpleCRM offers a comprehensive eKYC solution that is powered by AI modules like liveness detection, facial recognition, document verification, OCR scanning and others. Our eKYC solution supports integrations with enterprise solutions like CRM, Core Banking Systems, Core Insurance Platforms etc. making customer onboarding journey a seamless process.

CRM industry experience


CRM industry experience
Certified domain experts


Certified domain experts
Successful CRM implementations


Successful CRM implementations
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Global delivery capability
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Always ready Service desk

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Digital On-Boarding And eKYC Includes

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    Cognitive Capabilities

    Digital Account Opening Chatbot is trained on intents to understand structure and contextual meaning of human language, sentiment analysis and support for multiple languages with the capability to build and train custom NLP models.

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    OCR enabled eKYC let you capture images, documents and hand-written text and verify them for customer authenticity. Documents can be sent to backend systems through API based integration and stored in centralized management system for easy access by employees.

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    Enterprise Capabilities

    Ability to integrate with a variety of systems like CRM, Payment Gateways, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) systems, Core Banking, Blacklisted Database and Credit Check Systems. Integration with Biometric devices validates customer’s biometric data.

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    Secure Architecture

    Client and server endpoints are managed as one estate, ensuring security and stability while maximising uptime and productivity. AES 256 based transit data encryption. Available in both fully-cloud and hybrid models.

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    Accessibility Options

    Lead Management System allows salesperson to continue with pending eKYC process for the captured leads through Digital Account Opening mobile application. Additionally, customer can complete the process on own through chatbot enabled service.

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    Deploy Anywhere

    Scale to any level, integrate with anything, change your deployment option at any time. Digital Account Opening Chatbot is deployable on websites, Facebook, Mobile Apps, Viber, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and WhatsApp.

Salient Features

eKYC & Digital On-boarding of Customers

Wizard Based Account Opening

For many first-time users, bank account opening may feel like a tedious task but it need not with a well guidance interface. Wizard-based account opening assists applicants throughout the account opening procedure in a sequential and easy-to-understand manner. The dialog boxes and markings lead the user through various steps such as filling personal details to uploading documents,  capturing images, digital signatures and others. The applicant information can be passed on to backend systems for credit checks, AML or Blacklist database checks and finally to core banking or core insurance system for account creation.


Deploy on the websites, mobile devices and access the solution from anywhere. Zero configuration is required on the client end. The application details can be pushed to core systems or 3rd party systems directly as and when required. Be it any platform, SimpleCRM’s digital account opening application is responsive and can be accessed through any device. It also supports multi-lingual capabilities, making it easier for  customer adoption and access.


AI-Based Liveness Detection

While the picture of the applicant is being captured, the solution confirms the liveness of applicant. The prominent changes in the expression like blinking of eye, smiling face, is detected that guarantees that the applicant is alive.  This helps prevent fraudulent applications where applicants can upload a static picture instead of a live person while making the application. Moreover, our eKYC solution is also powered with AI-based face recognition, which helps in ensuring the profile picture of the applicant and the photos on the submitted documents matches.

OCR Enablement & AI-Vision Based Fraud Detection

For a hassle-free paperless account opening process, optical character recognition is used, which reads the content in submitted documents  and converts handwritten or printed textual and numerical characters into a computer-readable format and pre-populates the forms, thereby saving data-entry effort. The Vision AI is trained to verify authenticity of submitted ID cards and can automatically flag suspicious documents.

Multiple Products Support

Our eKYC & Digital Account Opening solution can be configured to support onboarding for multiple products like Current/Savings Accounts, Credit Card Applications, Loan Processing, Insurance Policy Purhase etc. In addition, as part eKYC process, the solution can also capture customer preferences for value-added services like Online Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Alerts, Cheque-book, ATM Card etc.


Stay Ahead In The Competitive Market

  • Capture Leads

    Are you making customers wait for response on your website? A frustrated website visitor means that the organization has lost an opportunity to capture a potential prospect. Leverage our chatbot platform to instantaneously engage customers 24×7.

  • Save Money

    A well implemented eKYC/DAO can reduce the workload of mundane, repetitive tasks of your support or sales team with more value-added interactions. Useless expenditure on maintenance of paper is eliminated thereby saving invaluable money.

  • Validate Applicant

    AI-Based Liveness Detection of applicant which ensures the genuineness of the applicant thus preventing fraud. Real-time face recognition confirms identity and address information discarding probability of document forgery.

  • No Manual Errors

    Personal information entered by the customer or bank representative can introduce inadvertent errors. The details are auto-populated to their respective fields by the inbuilt OCR scanner ensuring accuracy.

  • No Paperwork

    If applicant is interested in Value added services like SMS alert, cheque book, ATM card, etc. the enable option allows it to add those services along with the parent product category. There’s no need to take extra requests in the form of separate applications.

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Pricing and Plan

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Sales Edition

Jump-start your sales
$12 /month
Billed annually
  • Features:
  • Field sales app
  • Responsive web-based CRM
  • Customers and contacts
  • Leads and opportunities
  • Follow-ups and reminders
  • Email configuration
  • Sales workflows
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Quotations and invoices
  • Document management
  • Comprehensive security controls
  • Standard support
  • Secure aWS cloud hosting

Professional Edition

Full-featured, comprehensive CRM
$18 /month
Billed annually
  • Features:
  • Sales edition +
  • Ticketing / Case Management
  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing
  • Custom Modules
  • Advanced / customized CRM analytics
  • Email & social media campaigns
  • Call-centre ready plugins
  • Basic workflows
  • Customizations & integrations

Enterprise Edition

Advanced CRM with an AI edge
$24 /month
Billed annually
  • Features:
  • Professional edition +
  • SMS & social media campaigns
  • Business process management (BPM) module
  • Sentiment analyser for tickets
  • Virtual agent / chatbot
  • Enterprise support