Bespoke Financial Advice & Personalized Product Recommendations to Customers Using AI

Like many other technological advancements, artificial intelligence came into our lives with the prospect of holding unlimited potential in terms of transforming our personal as well as professional lives. Toda...

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Digital Banking – Enhancing Customer Experience With Customer 360°

In a digital world with utmost emphasis on customer experience, banks today need to take a 360-degree or a holistic view when it comes to enhancing customer experience. It would simply be bad business sense if ...

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Augmenting Customer Service With Chatbots – Banking, Financial Services And Insurance

All of us are familiar with the increasing implementation and usage of AI in different spheres of business across various industries. From fraud detection, predictive analysis, automated assistance technologies...


Omni Channel Help Desk CRM

What is Omni Channel Help Desk CRM?  Say a company offers a great product or service, has a great lead generation engine and a crack sales team, who wins tons of new business every month.It ha...


Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

What is Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution? Do I need it? You might if you: Have someone who manually reviews quotes before sending to customers.Have plans to increase sales revenue and need a solid sys...

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CRM For Higher Education

Have you wondered about what CRM for Higher Education offers and whether you need it for your educational institute? You might if you: Have enquires coming from various sources and want to ensure effectiv...


Top 3 Reasons Why SMBs Should Adopt CRM

Customer Relationship Management is a concept and a viable sales strategy companies use to maintain and retain relationships with their permanent and potential customers. It comprises of all the strategies...


Sell And Lease More Properties Using Real Estate CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a powerful  system that can be deployed either cloud or existing IT infrastructure or in a data center of your choice. It provides instant access to critical custo...


Boost Email Marketing ROI With Measuring Metrics

Email marketing is a remarkable way of reaching to potential customers. It is a measurable marketing tool, where you can get inputs and information of your campaign, which will help you plan your future strateg...


7 Tips To Improve Customer Retention

Customer Retention through CRM It is said that acquiring a new customer is almost 16 times more expensive than retaining an existing one to whom you can cross sell and up-sell. According to a survey by SAS...


CRM With Social Media

How would you like to have a house on the top floor of a high rise, with a spectacular view but no elevator in the building? This is exactly what you would experience on when you invest in a system which deals ...